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Body Oil vs Lotion: Mixing Oils & Lotions

You may have heard about lotion and oil hacks involving combining oils with body lotion or cream. Yes, this is a trend, but it's got some good logic behind it. Read on to discover how mixing lotion and oil can benefit your skin, the real facts about body oil vs. lotion, and learn how to use body oil and lotion together for the best, most skin-satisfying, and supple results!

Body Oil vs Lotion

So, what's the real difference between body oil and lotion, anyway? Is body oil better than lotion, or do these skin moisturisers have unique perks when you use them separately? Will their powers be amplified when you combine body oil and lotion together? Here's a glimpse into the major difference between the two skincare heroes.

  • Body lotion is typically richer than an oil and quenches dry skin, providing necessary hydration in order to keep skin soft and moisturised, while often smoothing cracks and dry spots. Lotion ranges in texture from thick creams to lightweight formulas that dry quickly.
  • Body oil is a liquid that typically quickly absorbs into the skin to moisturise and add radiance. It creates a strong barrier to keep your skin from losing moisture.

The best solution for dry skin? Mixing oils and lotions delivers the right amount of repair, protection, and moisture for all skin types, making it a win-win skin situation. Though oils are emollient, lotions typically soften super-dry skin faster. So when using lotion to combat deep dryness and oil to seal in moisture, it's a combination that can't lose.

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Can I Mix Body Oil With Lotion?

Many women have wondered, “is it okay to mix oil with lotion?”. The short answer is yes. Which oil is best to mix with lotion? The answer to that question depends on you! Find a lotion and oil duo that meets your skin care needs. Skin feeling extra dry? Deeply moisturize cocoa butter. Skin looking a bit dull? Revitalise it with coconut oil. Sensitive skin getting you down? Soothe it with shea butter. Create your spa-worthy concoction to delete dryness and amp up your beauty routine with these easy steps, for your customised lotion and oil hacks.

If you're not interested in mixing oils and lotions, there is an alternate way to reap the benefits of both products. Can I use body oil and lotion at the same time? Yes, especially if mixing them up doesn't seem appealing or may not be best for your skin type.

To use body oil and lotion together but separately, apply the lotion and let it sink into your skin, then add the oil on top to create a protective seal for your skin, ensuring your skin stays moisturised. When it comes to body oil vs. lotion, it's not really a competition - both of these products are great solutions when it comes to hydrating your skin!

How Do You Add Oil to Lotion?

Now that you've decided to try some lotion and oil hacks instead of comparing body oil vs. lotion, where do you start? Choosing the right supplies puts you on the skincare road to success!

Which oil is best to mix with lotion? A lightweight but emollient moisturising body oil with cocoa butter and Vitamin E sets the stage for healthy and hydrated skin. 

When you're mixing lotion and oil, the lotion is sometimes referred to as the 'carrier,' meaning it gives the oil something to cling to maximise its efficiency. In this case, the oil can either be an essential oil or a regular body oil, and the lotion should typically be a regular lotion that is ideal for your skin type.

If you are trying out new products that you’ve never used before, before mixing oil and lotion, try both products separately to ensure there isn't a reaction — it's always better to be safe with your skincare!

You can choose to use a body lotion or cream, though, with the addition of the oil, a traditional but outstanding lotion such as cocoa butter body lotion works perfectly as the carrier for the oil. Simply adding a few drops of oil to your lotion can heighten the benefits of these powerhouse products!

For best results, always cleanse skin thoroughly before adding oil and lotion so you're starting with a fresh, clean surface for best absorption. You may not feel you need the extra hydration all year, but combining the power of oil and lotion is a great way to stave off dry winter skin, soothe sundrenched skin or even summer skin that sits in a cold, air-conditioned room all day!

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So stop questioning body oil vs lotion, and combine them for the best of both worlds! Check out Palmer’s Hand & Body Care products for the best body oils and lotions, and get glowing today.