8/10 women preferred palmer's stretch mark lotion over a competitor worth x4 times more

Study reveals 80% of participants prefer Palmer's over a more expensive brand!

It turns out that the motto “it’s what’s inside that counts” extends far beyond personality traits, and even infiltrates into our beauty regime.

Here at Palmer's, we were finding that there were other skin care brands on the market who claimed to reduce stretch marks, without the clinical studies to back them up. So, we wanted to test our highly rated Stretch Mark Lotion against a popular competitor, (who had nice packaging but no clinical claims), and see which had better results.

The study was conducted with 46 real women over 6 weeks in a completely blind test, and each woman received their products in an unbranded jar labelled 'PRODUCT A' and 'PRODUCT B', so there was no bias on the brand or packaging.

The results identified that a resounding 8/10 participants preferred the 184 year old brand Palmer's (worth a quarter of the price to its pricier alternative) ...confirming you can’t judge a book by its cover!

"Amazing! It really helped my stretch marks fade, and also for them to become less coarse", one research panellist said.

Opting to invest in research and quality ingredients over flashy packaging, it’s evident that the plainer bottle and design of Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion has clearly stood the test of time!

palmers preferred stretch mark lotion over competitor brand

For over 40 years, Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion has been the trusted choice for women worldwide and is the#1 Stretch Mark Lotion in Australia^. Formulated with natural ingredients targeting the root cause of stretch marks - Collagen & Elastin degeneration, it's dermatologist approved, safe for pregnancy, and proven effective with 98% of users seeing improved skin elasticity, tone & texture*.

In the study, participants saw significant improvements in their stretch marks with Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion, reaffirming its position as the go-to choice worldwide. 

The main areas where testers reported having stretch marks were the stomach (76%), thighs (74%), hips (65%) and breasts (57%).

"My fine lines and stretch marks are markedly better than before", another research panellist said at the end of the study.

With clear, winning results like these, it's your sign to try Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion today. Affordable and with clinically proven results, what more could you want!?

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^IQVIA & Nielson, Pharmacy & Grocery, Mother Care, 52-Weeks to April 6, 2024.
*Based on an 8-week in-home user trial by 102 female panelists aged 18 to 49.