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Visibly Reduce and Improve Skin Concerns with Palmer's Skin Success Range

Let’s face it, we all want that natural, effortless glow that comes from having a clear, even complexion, so even the slightest imperfections can affect our skin-confidence.

With a few Palmer’s Skin Success tips to assist, balancing out imperfections is easier than you think.

Following these 3 simple tips will help you to visibly reduce and improve your skin concerns to achieve your most radiant, balanced and even complexion naturally.


Reduce Dark Spots & Pigmentation

While it’s easy to turn a blind eye to dark spots and pigmentation, research shows that discolouration is the #1 perceived sign of ageing amongst women* so addressing these concerns can make you appear to have younger looking skin. Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Cream is clinically proven to lighten the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots and discolouration in as little as 2 weeks^. Using an effective blend of natural + scientific ingredients including 5% Niacinamide, it breaks up melanin clusters to leave skin more evenly toned. Not only that, it is also helps to minimise fine lines and wrinkles! Talk about a wonder product!

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Smooth and Retexture with Retinol and Niacinamide

Acne scarring and uneven skin texture can dull your natural glow. Using Retinol in your skin routine encourages cell turnover and resurface dead or discoloured skin cells, helping to even out your skin texture. Plus, it provides anti-ageing benefits by stimulating collagen production and improving blood flow to the skin. Pair it with Niacinamide which helps to build new cells in the skin as well as protect them from environmental stresses, and you have yourself a powerhouse pair! Find this combo in Palmer's Skin Success Dark Spot Corrector, with real results that speak for themselves: after 8 weeks, 98% of women reported that it reduced the appearance of their acne scars, and 100% reported that their skin looked more youthful, radiant and healthy!#

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Brighten Up Buttercup

Including Vitamin C in your diet is renowned to have a long list of health benefits, which is what has us reaching for the oranges and strawberries daily. But did you know Vitamin C is also an incredible skin-brightening ingredient when used in skin care? Not only does it increase the cell turnover rate to improve the appearance of existing discolouration, it also contains natural anti-oxidant properties that lighten melanin and brighten skin tone. Try it out for yourself with Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk, which contains Vitamins C + E for an all over body glow up!


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* Women's Skin Tone Influences Perception Of Beauty, Health, Age, Sociobiologists Find.

^ Based on a 200 person independent clinical study. May take up to 6 weeks.