Pregnancy Face Care

Palmer's Pregnancy Face Care Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks 28ml x5 pack


Palmer's Hydrating Facial Mask deeply hydrates skin, leaving it plump and luminous.

Palmer's Pregnancy Face Care range is expertly formulated with natural ingredients ideal for sensitive skin. Created to help manage the unique needs of skin during pregnancy and to support beautiful, balanced and nourished skin.


  • Gentle & sensitive
  • Made for pregnancy
  • Nourishing hydration
  • Vegan

Rosewater: Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps maintain skin’s pH balance.

Vitamin C: Known for its brightening properties, Vitamin C stimulates collagen growth, the building block of skin, while clearing scars and marks. V

Vitamin E: An antioxidant superhero, Vitamin E helps to smooth scars and protect skin from damaging free radicals, as well as enhancing the protective function of skin and decreasing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars by keeping cells hydrated.

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa Butter is a rich, nutrient-packed super ingredient with naturally occurring fatty acids for lock-in moisture, and antioxidant-rich CMPs (Cocoa Mass Polyphenols) for collagen support and retention. 

Collagen: The protein that makes up the fibrous support system from which skin is made.

Folic Acid: Helps the body produce and maintain new cells.