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Get Glowing With TikTok's Top Skin Care Hacks

With new beauty products, tools and tricks appearing every day, more and more people are turning to social media for beauty hacks and skin care advice. TikTok has become a treasure trove of innovative and often unconventional beauty and skin hacks. Often referred to as SkinTok or BeautyTok, this community is a great way to get beauty and skin advice and hacks directly from dermatologists or skincare brands on TikTok.

With short-form videos dominating the platform, users have found quick and creative ways to share their skincare tips and tricks, leading to the discovery of some surprisingly effective beauty hacks for skin. Let’s explore some of the top TikTok skincare and beauty hacks for glowing skin:


Viral Skin Care Hack 1: DIY Masks & Scrubs

TikTok is filled with quick and easy DIY recipes for skin care hacks at home using ingredients that you probably already have. Skin feeling rough and dry? Craft your own moisturising sugar scrub with the viral moisturiser Original Solid Jar and granulated sugar.

Perhaps your hands or feet are feeling parched and in need of some extra love and moisture. There’s no shortage of dry skin hacks on TikTok! One of our favourites asks you to reach for the Original Solid Jar again and apply liberally to hands and feet at bedtime as an overnight mask. Cover with cotton socks or gloves. Wake up to softer hands and feet the next morning!

DIY your skin care hack with Palmer's Original Solid Jar and Skin Therapy Face Oil for smoother skin

Viral Skin Care Hack 2: Shimmer On

Sometimes you just need a little shimmer in your life, but you don’t have that perfect skin care product to give you the shine you want. BeautyTok to the rescue with another simple DIY skin care hack! Grab your favourite body oil - we’re partial to the Cocoa Butter Moisturising Body Oil - and your favourite shimmer like an eyeshadow or highlighter. Crush up a little shimmer and add it to the bottle of body oil and shake. Instant radiance + deep moisturisation = a beauty hack for glowing skin that we can get behind!

The top skin care hack for radiant skin mixing Palmer's Moisturizing body oil and shimmer


Viral Skin Care Hack 3: Slugging

One of the TikTok skin care hacks that has gone the most viral is slugging. This dry skin hack uses a rich, occlusive moisturiser applied generously to the face at bedtime to help lock in moisture for softer, hydrated skin in the morning. Perfect for extra dry skin, this skin care hack may not be for you if you have oily or acne-prone skin.


Viral Skin Care Hack 4: Gua Sha and Facial Massage

Gua Sha tools and facial massage techniques have taken the TikTok skincare community by storm, promising a natural facelift without the need for invasive procedures. The ancient practice involves using a smooth tool to gently massage skin, promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing tension in facial muscles. Many users of claim visible improvements in facial contours and a more sculpted appearance with regular use making this a must-try beauty hack for face and one of the top TikTok skin care tips and tricks.

Apply the viral skin care product, Skin Therapy Facial Oil to your skin before using the Gua Sha or face roller to help your tool glide more easily over your skin. Bonus – this anti-aging facial oil contains retinol, vitamin c, cocoa butter and 10 pure oils to leave your skin smoother and brighter, minimising the signs of aging.


Viral Skin Care Hack 5: Mix Your Lotion and Oil

Pressed for time, but your skin is feeling drier than the Sahara during a drought? Simply mix your lotion and body oil together for extra moisture in one quick step!

When looking for dry skin hacks, you’ve surely come across TikTok skincare routines that involve layering your lotion and then your body oil. When you are pressed for time or just don’t feel like doing two steps (let’s be honest, we’ve all had those days), mixing your oil and lotion together is the best beauty hack for skin. Whether you mix it in your hand or in the bottle (quicker for future uses!), you can’t go wrong with this skin care hack.

mixing lotion and oil

TikTok has become a fascinating hub for skincare fanatics to share their favourite skin care tips and tricks, turning the platform into a digital skincare community. While not all skin care hacks may be suitable for all viewers, the creativity and experimentation shared in the skin care videos on TikTok can help lead to the discovery of new skin care products that actually work well for you.

Whether you're looking to try the latest TikTok skincare trend or stick to a more traditional routine, TikTok's skin care hacks offer a seemingly unending trove of options to hack your way to healthier, more radiant skin. We’ll keep scrolling for that.

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