Frequently Asked Questions


What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is an emollient that contains important vitamins and micro-nutrients, making it a superior skin-friendly moisturiser. The fatty acid levels help to soften scar tissue and speed up skin’s healing process to smooth marks and tone skin. Shea Butter provides natural anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for soothing sensitive skin. 

Is Shea Butter ok to use on sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Shea Butter is a gentle, yet effective moisturiser that contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and is also naturally packed with Vitamins A, E & F. It is widely recommended for sensitive skin.

Where is Shea Butter sourced from?

Palmer's Shea Butter is ethically and sustainably sourced in Burkina Faso, a very fertile part of South West Africa, with a commitment to sustainable development and minimalisation on the ecological impact of its production. Shea Butter is exclusively harvested by the women of the communities, with the industry employing over 16 million women, providing empowerment and income independence for women.

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